Support ISKO2

Support - ISKO2

File Version Size Description
Get&Go! 1.0.6893.26932
5 394 788 B Installation of application GAG
ISKO2 Application Loader Installer customized for Get & Go !.

Others applications

Installation files for applications that do not require Get & Go! and are generally not dependent on connection to the air pollution database of the CHMI.
File Version Size Description
MDIInstall.exe 3.0.7401.34183
4 439 679 B Installation of application MDI
Installation program for manual import of data for ISKO2.
LaborPAHsInstall.exe 1.0.3369.12551
1 536 636 B Installation of application LaborPAHs
An installation program for the application that converts data from the analyzer into a form suitable for import by MDI.
ISOTranslatorInstall.exe 1.0.3369.12616
1 653 255 B Installation of application ISO Translator
Application installer for bulk changes to ISO7168-2: 1999 (E) data files.