Support - Others

Some of our programs require third-party components. The following links allow you to download them from our server.

Microsoft - others

MDAC_TYP.EXE 2.0 Eng 8 124 kB Components for data access (Microsoft)
MDAC_TYPX211CS.EXE 2.11 CZ 6 528 kB Components for data access (Microsoft) It includes basic MDAC components, including other OLE DB providers and ODBC drivers for different data sources.
MDAC_TYP261.EXE 2.61 CZ 5 310 kB Components for data access (Microsoft) does not include Microsoft Jet, Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider, ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, or Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
DAOREDIS.EXE 3.0 2 342 kB Components for data access in file databases (Microsoft)
DAO21.ZIP 2.1 3 213 kB Components for data access in file databases (Microsoft)

HW keys support 16.7 MB Net HW keys support. 7.103 19.0 MB HW keys support for Windows XP+SP3/Vista/W7/W8/W10
HASP GUI Installer 5.20 2.1 MB HW keys support installer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP+SP2/Vista